About Us

Born from a passion of training and fitness, Beast Fitness Equipment is a leading provider of high-quality training equipment brought to life by two friends who saw an opportunity to provide training equipment to fitness enthusiasts in the UAE.

Meet the Team

Beast Fitness Equipment is the brainchild of friends Kabir and Hussein. Although both come from a corporate work environment, their interest has always been in fitness and training.

Fueled by their combined knowledge spanning over 20 years in sectors such as real estate, investments, banking and forensic consultancy with Emirates NBD and KPMG, these entrepreneurs saw the opportunity to offer high-quality equipment for great prices to training enthusiasts in the UAE – no mean feat for these driven individuals!

Today, Beast Fitness Equipment is the result of how two individuals who are passionate about weight training and fitness brought their dream to life with a homegrown brand geared towards providing great training solutions for those who are ready to excel their workout routine.